Monday, January 12, 2009

This is my DH's Valentine's Day card. First picture is the outside, second is the inside. I didn't want it to be "girly" so I used more red than pink, didn't use any glitter, just kept it kind of plain. He'll like it 'cause I made it! Actually, he likes everything I do as far as scrapbook layouts go. I tend to think my layouts are too plain, simple, the same as the last one except for the pictures, etc. I guess I'm my own worse critic...I know I'm not alone in thinking that way.

This is the first card I made from "scratch". I didn't borrow anyone else's idea (as in copy like you would cards from a kit). The accent (label or bookplate-type thing) is from the Storybook Cricut cartridge. It's actually 2 - the bottom one is 1/4" larger than the top 1. I inked the edges of the top one, stamped happy birthday, added 3 pink skittles, and the flower. There's a vellum quote inside along with 3 more pink flowers like the one in the center of the burgundy one on front. It's not fancy, rather simple really, but I like it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today marks the first day of my blog. I'm not the type of person to do a lot of posting or chatting so we'll see how this goes. I've started this blog to showcase my scrapbooking, cardmaking, ATC's and just life in general. This year my goal is to make at least 52 greeting cards of various sorts, 1 or more per week. My scrapbooking goals are to complete at least 1 layout per week and remain within my scrapbooking budget, $135 per month. So far, so good! My life-in-general goal is to pay off the credit cards (hence the scrapbooking budget)! It won't happen this year or even next year (unless I win the lottery) but it will happen! I am determined to be debt free BEFORE I retire in 2018.