Friday, June 25, 2010

Layout #22

Descriptive plaques telling about Cadillac Mountain and the granite of Mt. Desert Island.

The granite is a pinkish color.

Layout #21

These are pictures of the view from Cadillac Mountain, taken on our first trip up.  On the way up, there were signs that spoke of the scenic view . . . um, scenic fog maybe but on that day there was no scenic view for the most part!

Layout #20

At the top of South Bubble Rock.  We had to go down the path from North Bubble Rock and then up the path to South Bubble Rock.  Do you hear that sound?  That's me - huffing and puffing - but I did make it to the top.  I survived!

Layout #19

The elevation signs for the North and South Bubble Rocks.  They aren't really that high . . . until you start walking up there.  When you are out of shape, they are HIGH!

Layout #18

We just had to take the "trying to push the boulder over the edge" picture.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Layout #17

A close up view of Bubble Rock and the views from the top.

Layout #16

Still making my way up to North Bubble Rock.  The view of the rock from the trail.

Layout #15

This was the trail up to North and South Bubble Rocks.  Uphill all the way!  This is one of those hikes where you realize that you are not as young as you used to be and the shape you are in leaves a lot to be desired.

Layout #14

Kickin' back at Blackwoods Campground!